Calculate standard consumption tax (NoVA)

NoVA calculation with Autrado

The standard consumption tax (NoVA for short) falls under the category of registration tax. It is a one-time levy that is due, among other things, on the purchase of passenger cars, motorcycles, quads and light commercial vehicles in Austria. When purchasing a new vehicle that has not yet been registered in Austria, the buyer pays the NoVA to the respective car dealer, who then transfers it to the tax office.

The basis for calculating the NoVA is the CO2 emission value CO₂/km according to WLTP minus 112 grams (as of July 1, 2021). The resulting value is divided by five. The result is the tax rate used to calculate the NoVA. The maximum tax rate is 50%. If the limit of 200g/km is exceeded, additional costs of €50 are incurred for each gram exceeded.

Formula for calculating the NoVA

(CO2 emission value g/km - 112 (as of 2021)) / 5 = tax rate * tax base (+ 50 euros per gram of CO2 above 200 g/km) - 350 euros

Automatically calculate sales prices incl. NoVA and map them to sales documents

Autrado enables Austrian dealers to automatically calculate the NoVA and display all relevant items such as NoVA tax rate, NoVA deduction amount and NoVA CO2 malus tax on the sales documents.