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Digitalization in the automotive trade: An industry in transition

We have long since arrived in a digitized world. This is noticeable in the way we inform ourselves, communicate with each other and consume - in summary: how we live.

With increasing digitization, the behavior of buyers and prospective buyers has also changed in the automotive trade. The first customer contact when buying a car no longer takes place at the dealership, but is shifting more and more to other channels. Customers are increasingly using digital forms to obtain information and compare vehicle offers and to contact the dealer. This is done via various online channels such as search engines (e.g. Google, Bing), car exchanges (AutoScout24,, social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) or directly via the websites of car dealers. As in every other industry, the automotive trade is also strongly affected by digitalization. Without the Internet, nothing works in the car trade anymore. Therefore, it is of enormous importance that you deal with your digital strategy in order not to lose out.

Meet different customer needs

Your customers come from different generations with different values and attitudes towards life. Some of these are still used to the classic vehicle purchase at the dealership, but more and more customers are coming from a generation where the Internet and using it is part of everyday life. So the big challenge is to meet the different customer needs of your target groups and serve both customers who prefer the classic car purchase without digitization and those who largely manage their lives online.

Unite both worlds, online as well as offline, in order to reach your customers in the best possible way and to be able to specifically address their needs. The car dealership will continue to be an important point of contact for customers, yet the classic image of the consumer handling all steps of their purchase decision from information to contract conclusion in the car dealership is becoming less and less important.

Your path to the digital car dealership

A digital strategy requires that you know where you want to go. Without a goal, there can be no strategy, even in digital car dealerships. The prerequisite for a successful digital strategy is the analysis of the current situation (actual state) and the requirements for your employees, processes as well as tools you are already using. What are your individual requirements? Where do your priorities lie? Which functions and interfaces are required? On this basis, Autrado's cloud-based software supports your automotive trade on the path to digitalization and offers everything online vehicle sales needs: a clear presentation of your vehicle range, a direct connection to B2B suppliers and communication at the push of a button, resulting in a higher closing rate and significant time savings.

You invest not only in your own website, but in a complete software package.

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Strengthen your digital sales with Autrado

The digital transformation is changing the traditional automotive trade with its developments. Break away from old habits and be open to online solutions to strengthen your digital sales to remain competitive in the future and increase the chances of customer growth.

Autrado helps you strengthen your digital sales. Enable your customers to manage everything related to the car purchase online - from the presentation of the vehicle offer to the contact and the order. Create a digital showroom with your car dealership website, where you can present your offers to prospective customers and interact with your customers.