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Your cars online: cross-team, clear, efficient

Fahrzeuge online verwalten

The vehicle management Autrado allows you to easily manage your vehicles via your web browser and offer them on the Internet with just a few clicks. Autrado was developed especially for online car trading and impresses with its user-friendliness and clearly structured processes. The vehicle administration is independent of the respective manufacturer or country of origin of the vehicles. Become independent of manufacturer specifications and rigid supplier information now.

Save time with vehicle management

With the help of our vehicle management software, you can create your vehicles with all the extras in no time at all. This is done conveniently, for example, by entering the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or a simple form-based entry. Alternatively, the vehicle management software also supports other identification systems for vehicle data such as the DAT European code or the JATO database.

What you can expect:

  • Shared vehicle template: manage centrally, use per model.
  • Pictures say more than 1000 words: advertise your offers with as many photos as you like using the Autrado vehicle management program with the help of the vehicle picture gallery
  • Convincing descriptive texts: Provide your advertisements with informative and appealing descriptive texts; these are automatically transferred by the vehicle management program to the same advertisements on the various vehicle exchanges
  • Duplicate vehicles in a time-saving way: create and edit new data records quickly and securely

vehicle management

Transparency for excellent customer satisfaction

With Autrado vehicle management software, you can provide accurate product and pricing information. available. This way, your customers get all the important details about your vehicle offers and the security they urgently need for their purchase.

Bezeichnungen wie in den Hersteller-Konfiguratoren

Vehicle features such as standard equipment, extras, engines, exterior and interior fittings can be taken from the manufacturer's pages, adapted or even texted as desired and managed centrally. You then assign general stock market attributes to these. Extensive data can be imported in Excel format. Such templates can be used as often as required to enter additional vehicles. Define your equipment lines, specifying which equipment is included: e.g. in the equipment line Attraction, Trendline, Highline.